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NWT Fire Live Map (Powered by SPARCS & NRCan)

The Livemap is now brought to you by SPARCS and the Generous Folks at NRCan, helped us get this rolling again and provided us with some badly needed infrastructure!!

  • NEW: A Full screen button has been added to the live map, it is above the layer chooser, you may need to screen refresh the page (Ctrl-R) to see it,
    you can use this button to make the map take up the entire browser, set it the way you like it, then hit the print-screen button to screen cap and print the map.


    This feature requires a standards compliant browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari - Not Internet Explorer)
    Fire Icons are Active Fires, Black Dots are Fires that have been Extinguished.

  • Live Map Legend

    WildfiresFire DangerSatellite HotspotsLightning

    Yellow Star = deteion in last 24 hours
    Red Square = detection in the last 7 days


    SPARCS MODIS (Not currently in use)